A Biblical Single Mother Helps Today’s Modern Day Single Mothers through Inspiring Autobiography and Programs

April 30, 2009

“I thought you were saved,” some said when unmarried 24-year-old Willie Mae Hawkins got pregnant while away at college. But their judgmental opinions didn’t make her doubt the authenticity of the salvation she’d had for two years. And, they didn’t make her doubt that God would take care of her and her son, even in the absence of his father.

Hawkins – an inspirational speaker, lecturer, and ordained minister –shares the story of how God gave her the strength, resources, and wisdom to raise a child alone. Her book She Builds a Vineyard: A Single Parent’s Struggle to Survive, parallels her life with the biblical story of Hagar, a single parent to Ishmael.

The Enfield, North Carolina resident is founder of JustUs-Resources for Single Parents; and Spring, Inc.- A National Single Parenting Ministry. JustUs is non-religious to fit school and business formats. Spring is religious-based for churches and organizations that desire to provide spiritual guidance. Both agencies provide mentoring, coaching, and counseling for individuals and families. Workshops, seminars and conferences are also conducted for groups and leaders.

“I wasn’t aware of any resources like JustUs and Spring when I was raising my son alone,” Hawkins said. “I solely relied on God’s leading. My book and programs are centered on the direction I received.”

Hawkins will never forget how she struggled in a huge and uncomfortable seven-month pregnant body to continue classes at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. She was determined not to return to her impoverished hometown of Enfield, North Carolina. Despite her best efforts, she had to stop just four classes shy of attaining her bachelor’s degree. Then one of her worst fears came true. She had to return to Enfield and depend on welfare to support herself and her son.

However through it all, she held on to faith that God would always meet their needs, and He did not let her down. Now her son is an 18-year-old college student at University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Hawkins is completing her Doctor of Ministry at Regent University.

For more information about her book or programs contact Hawkins at (252) 445-5258 or wmhawkins@spring-inc.org. Also see her websites: http://www.spring-inc.org, http://www.justus-resources.com, and http://www.shebuildsavineyard.com.

Detroit Author Wanda Manning to Read Passages from Her Novel “Inherited Sin” during Book Signing

April 15, 2009

wanda-manning-book-cover3Parents celebrate the birth of their babies by immediately marveling shared physical features including mom’s eyes, and dad’s nose. But a few other shared traits won’t be discovered until later in life – generational curses.

Detroit resident Wanda Manning’s novel Inherited Sin is filled with the drama, passion, faith, and love of four generations who struggle in a rut of continuously repeating the family’s past mistakes. Manning will read portions of her gripping book during a signing at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 22, at New St. Mark Baptist Church. The church is located at 24331 W. 8 Mile Road, in Detroit.

“I want to make people aware of generational curses that still exist in 2009,” said Manning, also author of Harvesting the Fruit of the Spirit. “I think we’re so modernized we don’t think of it as a curse. We say he’s just like his father or she’s just like her mother and don’t realize it’s something we can actually go to God and ask him to release from us. I’m praying that readers will see the hand of God working miracles and restoring families.”

Inherited Sin is about generational curses passed through four generations of adulterous, miserable, coning, and manipulative men. As a father and son war against each other, the son desperately tries to resist his inherent nature to take on the same low-down characteristics as his father. While these negative traits are powerful, the power of God can overcome all things, even generational curses.

Manning formerly worked as an assembler for Ford Motor Company before accepting a buyout in 2007. The following year she started her own book coaching service, Mind-to-Manuscript, LLC. She also hosts the radio show A New Day is Dawning from 1:15 p.m. until 1:30 p.m. Wednesdays on 1440 AM. For more information about Manning’s Inherited Sin book signing, call her at (313) 310-3868 or e-mail wmann30884@aol.com. Also visit her website at http://www.wandajministries.com.

Shekini Jennings’ Review of “Not In My House!: Take the 28-Day Challenge to Recession-Proof Your Future” by Andre Butler

April 1, 2009

When I first started reading Not In My House on March 17 my husband and I were beginning to see a breakthrough in one of the biggest financial challenges we have ever faced together. But we know it didn’t have anything to do with St. Patrick’s Day “luck.” We had been professing that we weren’t accepting the recession for our household. Our faith refused to receive it. So, I was tempted to close the book after the first sentence, which read: “I’ve made a decision: I’m not going to participate in the recession.” I didn’t understand why I needed to read any further when we had already made that decision before reading the book. What more did I need to know?

But as I read on I was amazed at how deep the book delved into what it takes to proclaim this and make it true in your life. This 28-day challenge to recession-proof your life provides amazingly detailed instructions on how to thrive and remain in God’s perfect peace in the midst of world-wide economic chaos.

The book starts by challenging, or confirming, your views on the “Prosperity Gospel” through Biblical study. It then goes on to explain the difference between the “Bank of Heaven” and the “Bank of the World”. It even provides a thought-provoking, self-examination to determine which one you’re trusting with your livelihood. It also doesn’t just vaguely advise you to get out of debt. It provides very practical and detailed instructions.

I was TRULY blessed by this book. I came away from it with a better understanding of prosperity and the purpose for it, and a reminder of the timeless, unchanging promises God has made to His people.

Nothing that is happening with today’s economy is a surprise to God. One of the most powerful passages I remember from the book is: “Way Back in history God was able to look at 2009 and your financial life and see there was going to be a financial collapse. He could see that people were going to be losing their jobs and their savings, and there would be great panic. He could see all these negative things happening, and He could see that unless He provided for His people – unless He provided for you – you would be impacted. So, God prepared a (blessing) for you.”

Pastor Andre Butler is living a lifestyle that far exceeds the American dream. He is living the “good life” — and attributes it all to obeying the Word of God. Anointed with wisdom that surpasses his natural age, Pastor Andre has a heart to teach people how to please God in every area of their lives.

Pastor Andre Butler is founder and president of Andre Butler Ministries (andrebutler.tv), an outreach established with the mission to help equip individuals to walk in the future God has for them! He is a published author, is on television with his own weekly broadcast, and pastors Faith Christian Center, in the Atlanta area.

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March 27, 2009

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